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A Spanish Lover

     by Trollope, Joanna

A Spanish Lover

Twins Lizzie and Frances, though similar in appearance, have very different temperaments and lifestyles. Lizzie and her husband are happily married with three children, a successful business and the house of their dreams. Frances has never been married and has just recently found a pursuit she is happy with - running a travel business. However, as they approach forty, changes in Lizzie's financial circumstances and Frances' shocking new relationship with a married Spaniard, have drastic effects on the dynamics of their relationships - as sisters and with other family members. Lizzie, who always considered herself the lucky one, now finds herself dissatisfied and envious of Frances. How Lizzie and Frances come to terms with the changes in their lives involves exploring what it means to be twins, the issues of motherhood and marriage or not marrying, and for Frances, the cultural differences between the Spanish and the English. 

Trollope's novels The Rector's Wife and The Choir were both made into PBS Masterpiece Theatre productions.

Reviewed by ch, 12/97. Other reviews by ch.