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Knight Life

     by David, Peter

Knight Life

After 1500 years, King Arthur has returned to a world and a people in need of a leader. The world has changed and the once and future king must change with the times. King Arthur returns and sets up shop in New York City where he decides to run for mayor. With more questions than answers surrounding his candidacy, Arthur takes to the streets for a grass roots campaign to energize the people with his forthright honesty. The campaign pits Arthur against the established elite aided by some old foes. In his battle Arthur has the help of some old friends as well as some interesting new faces.  

The Arthurian tale is given new life with Peter David’s re-imagining of the return of the king. He strays from the more standard “heroic” character templates in some entertaining ways and yet manages to keep to the core of what makes the Arthurian characters so compelling. The combination of his signature wry writing style and a classic tale make for an enjoyable read.

Reviewed by dd, 10/03. Other reviews by dd.