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Running Injury-Free

     by Ellis, Joe with Joe Henderson

Running Injury-Free

Running Injury-Free describes the prevention and diagnosis of, and recovery from, common running injuries. Ellis and Henderson start with the basics - how and why runners become injured - and move into specifics such as biomechanics, selection of proper running shoes, and various types of injuries. Each injury’s symptoms and treatment options are described through case studies which highlight runners who have suffered the injury, and what treatment options worked best in their situations. The book finishes with a seven-step plan for running injury-free. 

Running Injury-Free is an excellent resource for runners of all abilities and experience levels, and contains many valuable tips and suggestions for injury prevention. The symptoms of various injuries are described in easy-to-read, "non medical" terminology, and the included case studies provide fascinating insights into runner’s attitudes toward injury.

Reviewed by pk, 3/98. Other reviews by pk.