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The Parafaith War

     by Modesitt, L. E.

The Parafaith War

The EcoTech Coalition and the expansionist Revenant theocracy are locked in a war to control the habitable planets in the galaxy. Trystin Desoll is an officer in the EcoTech armed services charged with defending an outpost on one such world. He must struggle against not only the fanatical Revenants, but also with himself as he questions the basis for the war. His search for answers will take him from a remote outpost on a dry dusty world, through the dark of space as a ship captain, to the heart of the Revenant empire as a spy.  

In one of his best books, L.E. Modesitt brings together a richly conceived world with nuanced character development and does what science fiction writers do best: crafting a world that is at once completely foreign but at the same time comfortably familiar. He uses this world to subtly ask questions about society, technology, and ethics.

Reviewed by dd, 11/04. Other reviews by dd.