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Magic Kingdom For Sale--Sold!

     by Brooks, Terry

Magic Kingdom For Sale--Sold!

Do you ever feel burned out? Do you ever wish your life were less predictable or more challenging? If so, join Ben Holiday as he leaves his successful Chicago law practice and becomes king of Landover, a kingdom of magic. When Ben sees an advertisement for a magic kingdom for sale, he thinks, "Sure!" He finally decides to buy the kingdom for a million dollars, even though he thinks the ad is probably a hoax. Can a modern day trial lawyer be king of a magic kingdom? Ben's castle is fading away from neglect, the land is dying and his retainers are an ineffective wizard, a dog and two kobolds, ferocious monkey-like creatures. No one comes to Ben's coronation, so he goes in search of his subjects. He finds indifference, a fairy kingdom, a nasty witch, a hungry dragon, horrifying demons and love. 

Ben Holiday would be classed as an "anti-hero" of fantasy, an ordinary mortal with no magical powers who finds himself in a magic world. He uses his skills as a lawyer to help him to survive the unexpected world he finds in Landover. It's fun to imagine what one would do if, like Ben, one were to walk into a magic world. Magic Kingdom for Sale--Sold! is the first volume of five in the Landover series. Terry Brooks is also the author of the Shannara series.

Reviewed by cp, 01/00. Other reviews by cp.