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Digital War: a View from the Front Lines

     by Bateman, Robert L.(editor)

Digital War: a View from the Front Lines

In this work Robert Bateman has collected and edited articles from seven of today's leading writers of military theory. The basic theme of this work is technology. Bateman begins the work with a chapter titled "Pandora's Box" and concludes with a chapter entitled "Looking Back - The Napoleonic Revolution." In-between are thoughtful works by John Antal, Mike Pryor, Daniel Bolger, Robert Leonhard, Douglas MacGregor, Don Vandergriff, and Ed Offly. Each of these authors has had military experience or are current members of the military. The focus of the various authors ranges from the effects of technology on grand strategy to how technology will help/hinder the troops in the field. The authors point out that historically technology has been a double-edged sword. Just because an army has it does not mean it will work the way it was envisioned. Will the sudden deluge of information cause information overload for the people who need it most? And, might it have an unexpected negative impact rather than be of help? Smart bombs and other standoff weapons are just a small piece of the equation.  

Anyone interested in military matters will find this to be a thoughtful and well-crafted work.

Reviewed by mf, 3/00. Other reviews by mf.