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The Promise of Jenny Jones

     by Osborne, Maggie

The Promise of Jenny Jones

We first meet Jenny Jones in a filthy Mexican jail where she awaits death by a firing squad. Marguerita, a wealthy Mexican woman, visits Jenny and makes a deal with her. If Jenny will promise to take Graciela, her six-year-old daughter, to the girl's father in California, Marguerita will take Jenny's place before the firing squad. Jenny's pride is her honor; she always keeps a promise. But she immediately regrets her promise to Marguerita. Graciela hates Jenny and Graciela's fussy ways infuriate her. Jenny is a tough woman. She can skin a buffalo, fist fight, cuss and shoot. However, Jenny knows nothing about children. On the journey to California, when Jenny meets Ty, Graciela's uncle, who has been sent by his brother to take Graciela back to California, Jenny learns that she also knows nothing about romance. 

Action, evil villians in pursuit of Graciela and interesting locales make this novel fun to read. Jenny, who has survived alone in a man's world, is a terrific and unconventional heroine. This book won a RITA award from the Romance Writers of America and is listed as one of the 100 best romances by the Romance Reader.

Reviewed by cp, 3/00. Other reviews by cp.