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It Had to Be You

     by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

It Had to Be You

Phoebe Somerville is no bimbo. She just dresses and acts like one to cover up her fear of sexual intimacy. Intimidated by her controlling father, Phoebe flees to France. When her father dies, he wills her the Chicago Stars, the professional football team he owns. Phoebe is to own the Stars for a year and will become permanent owner if the Stars win the AFC championship (which is very unlikely to happen). Although she hates football, Phoebe agrees to become owner of the Stars because the $100,000 she will receive at the end of the year will enable her to realize her dream of opening her own art gallery. Dan Calebow, former quarterback and coach of the Stars, is enraged that Phoebe, who knows nothing about football, is the owner of his team. Phoebe and Dan fight every time they meet but beneath their angry words fly the sparks of passion. 

It Had to Be You is sexy, smart and funny. Men would like this book as well as women. Phillips obviously researched the behind-the-scenes of a professional football team very well. The book is as much about Dan as about Phoebe and has an interesting side plot about the sad influence of fathers living their dreams through their sons. Susan Elizabeth Phillips has won the Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement award and three RITA awards for her fiction. It Had to Be You won the RITA award for the Best Romance of 1994 and is listed on the "100 Best Romances" as one of the three best romances of all time.

Reviewed by cp, 4/00. Other reviews by cp.