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A Woman's Place

     by Grant, Linda

A Woman's Place

Private investigator Catherine Sayler and her computer whiz partner Jesse are hired by the president of Systech Financial Applications to find out who has been sending obscene email messages. Catherine and Jesse, working undercover at Systech, think they have the culprit figured out, but then things get really nasty. Catherine and two other female employees receive photographs of women being tortured. Is the sender of the email messages and photographs one and the same? Catherine feels that two different people are involved and that while the sender of the email messages is relatively harmless, the sender of the photographs is a very real danger. However, she is unable to convince Systech administrators to call in the police until they are forced to do so when a woman's sales manager, one of the recipients of the photographs, is found dead in her office. The police agree with Catherine that the sadistic murderer is likely to kill again and Catherine's life becomes a living hell as the murderer stalks and torments her until she finally meets him face to face. 

Grant deals with the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace in this disturbing and suspenseful mystery. Random Access Murder, in which Catherine Sayler makes her first appearance, and Love Nor Money were both Anthony nominees.

Reviewed by ch, 3/98. Other reviews by ch.