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Am I Old Yet?

     by Komaiko, Leah

Am I Old Yet?

The author, afraid of aging and feeling old, decides to volunteer for Elder Corps, an organization that arranges meetings between a volunteer and a senior citizen. The author is assigned to visit with Adele, a 90-year-old blind woman who is sharp and in pretty good health. The original one-hour weekly visit turns into a real long-term friendship that is described in this book.  

This "feel good" book is very easy reading. It is a simple humorous look at a complex set of social conditions (aging baby boomers, nursing homes and mortality). The issues raised in this book are ones we will all face at some time in our lives. Taking time to consider the process, and the alternatives for lifestyle and living arrangements for our senior citizens, is better done sooner than later.

Reviewed by sw, 10/05. Other reviews by sw.