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Startup: A Silicon Valley Adventure

     by Kaplan, Jerry

Startup: A Silicon Valley Adventure

Startup traces the rise and fall of the GO Corporation, a Silicon Valley startup launched in 1987. The story begins with the author's idea for a pen-based computer, which eventually leads to the founding of the GO Corporation, the development of the pen-based computer, and pen-based computer software. Along the way, Kaplan deals with venture capitalists, renegade employees, stiff competition, and the eventual downfall of the GO Corporation. 

For anyone who has ever been interested in Silicon Valley startups, this is a fun and exciting read. Jerry Kaplan relates his firsthand experiences in starting up a technology company. His interactions with companies such as Microsoft and IBM are particularly interesting, and provide insight into the cutthroat world of the computer industry.

Reviewed by pk, 3/98. Other reviews by pk.