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A Country Affair

     by Shaw, Rebecca

A Country Affair

Young Kate Howard begins her first day at the Barleybridge Veterinary Hospital in Yorkshire as a shy and inexperienced receptionist. The busy practice of vets, nurses and receptionists care for pets and farm animals. As Kate gains confidence in herself, she becomes aware that her boyfriend Adam wishes to place limitations on her. She also finds herself attracted to Scott, the Australian vet who is known to break women's hearts. Deciding to follow her original plans to become a vet, Kate must find the courage to overcome the obstacles set in front of her. 

A comforting novel of animals and friendly people, A Country Affair carries the reader to a world familiar to fans of both Jan Karon and James Herriot. Shaw handles the contemporary problems experienced by the characters with gentleness and sensitivity. This upbeat, restful novel is the first in the Barleybridge series

Reviewed by ds, 9/06. Other reviews by ds.