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Judge and Jury

     by Patterson, James and Gross, Andrew

Judge and Jury

Nick Pellisante, special FBI agent in charge of the Organized Crime Unit of the FBI in New York, has pursued the arrest and conviction of Domic Cavello, the Capo di tutti capi, for most of his thirteen years in the FBI. Also known as the Electrician, this mafia dom was wanted for murder, extortion, union tampering, and conspiracy. Although captured and brought to trial not once, but twice, Cavello proves to be extremely elusive and defies conviction as well as incarceration. Pellisante and one of Cavello's victims team up to follow him and his hired henchmen literally to the ends of the earth to administer justice in a very personal manner. 

The authors construct a seemingly plausible battle between ruthless criminality and the meager resources of agencies sworn to preserve and protect. Patterson weaves a complex tale that doesn't exactly condone vigilante justice but allows some of the victims a large measure of revenge.

Reviewed by ks, 6/2006. Other reviews by ks.