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The Blind Side

     by Lewis, Michael

The Blind Side

Who is the higest paid player on a football team? Most would point to the quarterback, the team leader, and often they would be correct. However, the left tackle who protects the quarterback's blind side is often paid as much or more than the quarterback. The Blind Side provides a history lesson on the evolution of the left tackle position in professional football, while at the same time tracking the development of left tackle prodigy Michael Oher. Author Lewis follows the development of Oher from a gigantic teenager who knows nothing of football into a highly recruited college football player and potential National Football League draft pick. Lewis examines the evolution of Oher's position, and explains why players of his stature are such a rare and valuable commodity. 

The Blind Side is Michael Lewis' second sports book, following the widely popular Moneyball.

Reviewed by pk, 3/2007. Other reviews by pk.