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Arthur & George

     by Barnes, Julian

Arthur & George

The individuals named in the title are Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, known for his famous sleuth Sherlock Holmes, and George Edalji, the half-Indian son of a vicar of a small village in England. The stories of these two men are told from early age on until their lives intersect as adults when George writes Doyle entreating him to help prove him innocent of a crime. This request comes at a time in Doyle's life when he is at loose ends and provides him a purpose to do what his sleuth does best - separating fact from fiction and coming to the only possible conclusion to a case.  

Julian Barnes provides biography, history and a real-life detective story in this compelling book. Arthur and George are two extremely interesting individuals who differ greatly in their backgrounds, personalities and mental processes. Barnes combines rich late Victorian period detail and a criminal case to solve into an absorbing read.

Reviewed by ch, 5/08. Other reviews by ch.