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A Novel Way to Die

     by Stuyck, Karen Hanson

A Novel Way to Die

Molly Patterson is a criminology professor. Her mother, the famous mystery writer Katherine Marsh, is found dead by her neighbor and good friend Helen. Although it is assumed that Katherine died of a heart attack, an autopsy determines that Katherine died from an injection of a drug that she had used in one of her mystery stories. Molly takes it upon herself to prove that her mother did not commit suicide by figuring out who the murderer is: Helen, who inherited a million dollars; Suzanne Lang, a fan who some say was stalking Katherine; Katherine's former husband or her estranged sister. Katherine was writing a book at the time of her death and the ending points Molly to the killer.  

This suspenseful mystery provides more than one murder with numerous plausible suspects. Molly, her husband and their two children (10 and 12) seem true to life and are all in danger before the murderer becomes known.

Reviewed by ch, 5/08. Other reviews by ch.