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A is for Alibi

     by Grafton, Sue

A is for Alibi

Kinsey Millhone is a sharp, likeable loner in her early thirties who works as a private investigator in beautiful Santa Teresa, CA. Her newest client, Nikki Fife, was just released from prison. Nikki was convicted of poisoning her philandering husband but claims innocence and wants Kinsey to find out who his real killer was. Kinsey soon learns that Laurence Fife's most recent mistress, a work contact, was killed in the same way a few days later and that her murder was never solved. She gets to work investigating who killed the victims and why, which is no easy task since the murders occurred almost ten years earlier and smarmy Laurence Fife had no lack of enemies. 

A is for Alibi is the first in Sue Grafton's popular mystery series. Protagonist Kinsey Millhone is easy to root for. The conversational tone and first person narration draw you into the case as you try to solve the mystery along with her, and the cast of believable and likeable characters make you care about the outcome. A complex case with a focus on the investigative process and a touch of humor make this an enjoyable read.

Reviewed by kb, 6/8. Other reviews by kb.