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The Big Over Easy

     by Jasper Fforde

The Big Over Easy

Detective Inspector Jack Spratt of the struggling Nursery Crime Division moves on to his next case after failing to get a conviction against the three little pigs. He and his ambitious new assistant Mary Mary are now investigating the falling death of Humperdinck Stuyvesant Van Dumpty III (Humpty Dumpty). As the case takes shape, what began as an assumed suicide quickly turns into a murder investigation. Meanwhile, Jack must contend with Friedland Chymes, the superstar detective who is trying to steal the case, and with a planned termination of the Nursery Crime Division. 

As in Fforde's bestselling Tuesday Next series, The Big Overeasy is set in an alternative world where fiction and reality meet. This clever and silly parody is the first in a series of hard-boiled police procedurals based on nursery rhymes. It is an imaginative and whimsical fairy tale, filled with Fforde's characteristic British humor and literary wit.

Reviewed by kb, 08/08. Other reviews by kb.