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Divine Justice

     by Baldacci, David

Divine Justice

Oliver Stone, arguably the most efficient assassin ever developed by the United States Secret Service, has just murdered two prominent Washington, D.C. politicians. After escaping with incredible ingenuity and foresight, he has his plans altered when he witnesses the brutal beating of a seemingly defenseless man. Despite his dire need to escape, Stone interferes with the beating and garners the friendship of a has-been high-school quarterback who helps him hide in Devine, a tiny burg with big secrets, in very rural Virginia. A series of violent murders seem to enmesh him in those secrets. Ultimately, the Camel Club gets involved in rescuing their friend, uncovering a drug smuggling ring, and bringing some vigilante justice to Devine. 

Fans of David Baldacci have long been following the Camel Club, an eclectic, disparate group of super-heroes whose collective history has been gradually revealed by the author. More about Oliver Stone, a.k.a. John Carr, becomes apparent, although what events caused him to be a reclusive graveyard attendant after a sterling, albeit secretive, career in the service of his country remain to be discovered. This latest installment only whets one's appetite for Baldacci's next.

Reviewed by ks, 1/09. Other reviews by ks.