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Cross Country

     by Patterson, James

Cross Country

Alex Cross is a retired investigator for the Washington, D.C. Police Department whose past analysis of particularly heinous crimes has given him some notoriety. A series of especially gruesome murders has occurred among Washington diplomats and officials. One becomes personal. The leader of a murderous bunch of African adolescents is Tiger; he has apparently escaped back to Nigeria. Without permission or support from the United States government, Alex pursues this assassin through parts of Africa, enduring assault, torture, and imprisonment. Some of his contacts in Africa are executed, either for what they know or because they have befriended Alex. At times he is more the pursued than the pursuer.  

In many ways a typical Patterson thriller, this novel delves into the refugee camps in the Darfur region of Africa with blunt clarity. His description of some of the controversial torture techniques leaves the reader with a little more knowledge of what is happening in this war- torn part of the world.

Reviewed by ks, 2/99. Other reviews by ks.