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Over and Under

     by Tucker, Todd

Over and Under

When the local casket company workers go on strike during the summer of 1979, twelve-year-old best friends Andy and Tom learn that their fathers represent opposite sides of the strike. The boys are seasoned explorers of the caves and woods in their rural community. They own identical Springfield M-6 Scout rifles that they shoot with skill and accuracy. But during this watershed summer, their youthful adventures lead them into the unfamiliar and dangerous world of violence.  

Over and Under is a beguiling novel about growing up in southern Indiana in the last quarter of the 20th century. The first-person narrator gives an account of the adventures of two boys that would be the stuff of dreams for many readers, and sets it against conflict in the adult community. Using a detailed setting and likeable characters, the author creates an appealing story in this 2009 Alex Award Winner.

Reviewed by ds, 3/09. Other reviews by ds.