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Shadow of the Silk Road

     by Thubron, Colin

Shadow of the Silk Road

As Colin Thubron traveled the Silk Road from central China to the coast of Turkey, he looked for its shadow in the people and places along the way. Throughout his trip, Thubron crosses country borders created by superpowers, regardless of ethnicity or shared history. He finds the ruins of past empires that reflect borrowing between the East and West. Thubron listens to the life stories of the individuals he meets, discovering a diverse range of hopes and beliefs.  

Thubron takes the armchair traveler on a magic carpet ride in Shadow of the Silk Road. He alternates the narration of his journey with historical stories about the places he visits. Seemingly fearless in meeting the challenges of the regions he traverses, the author also appears to have a knack for social intercourse regardless of nationality. Helpful maps are included for those who need to visually follow his journey. Shadow of the Silk Road was named one of the best-selling books of travel literature in July 2009 by the IndieBound Community of independent booksellers.

Reviewed by ds, 8/09. Other reviews by ds.