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Body by Science

     by McGuff, Doug, M.D. and John Little

Body by Science

One reason for not exercising is that it takes too much time. The premise of this book is that individuals can get a superior workout in 12 minutes a week. Here's how it works: Our bodies recruit muscles for our activities as they perceive the need. If the weight is heavy enough, all of the muscle fiber types will be called into action to accomplish the task at hand. The goal is to achieve failure for all of the muscle fibers so it will send a signal to the body to grow more muscle. It is important to understand that after muscle fibers are fatigued, they must have time to recover and then grow before another workout is undertaken. The benefits of this training system include increased strength and gastrointestinal transit time, higher resting metabolism, more efficient glucose metabolism, release of body fat stores, improved blood lipid profiles, enhanced flexibility, and cardiovascular stimulation. Illustrations and photographs support the text. 

For more information and a list of recommended trainers, visit Body by Science online at The website features informational videos as well as video examples of what a super slow, high-intensity workout looks like.

Reviewed by mc, 02/10. Other reviews by mc.