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61 Hours

     by Child, Lee

61 Hours

Drifter and ex-military man Jack Reacher hitches a ride on a tour bus that crashes in a South Dakota blizzard. Unable to leave town due to the storm, he becomes involved with the local police force as they protect an elderly citizen, Janet Salter, who was witness to a drug deal. The chivalrous Reacher is greatly impressed with Salter's decision to take a stand against criminal activity in her hometown. Reacher and the police must work together to identify the assassin that has been dispatched by the drug cartel leader to eliminate Ms. Salter. Complicating matters is the possibility that the local penitentiary will undergo a lockdown. If that happens, all of the police will be moved beyond town limits to assist at the prison which wlll leave the witness exposed. 

This is the 14th novel by Lee Child detailing the travels of lone-wolf hero Jack Reacher. As a former military policeman, he uses both brute force and his brain to bestow justice and right wrongs. Child keeps the action brisk. The descriptions of the extreme cold and winter snowstorm give this novel a distinct, icy feel.

Reviewed by bb, 05/10. Other reviews by bb.