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Upcycle Books Challenge 2017

When: October 28, 2017

Where: Carmel Clay Public Library, 55 4th Ave., SE, Carmel, Program Room


  • 1 - 2pm: Participants arrive
  • 2 - 3pm : Public viewing and judging
  • 3 - 3:30 pm: Awarding of prizes


  • Entries must be made from upcycling books and/or magazines. Books for challenge available at the library September 9th. Material for connecting pieces can be made from other materials.
  • Dimensions of entry must be no more than 3' x 3'.


  • Youth (13 to 18)
  • Adult (18+)
  • Family

Ideas: Tie-in to our librarywide theme with an entry inspired by science or technology.

Judging: Judging will be based on visual criteria -

  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Effective Use of Materials (Books)
  • Usefulness andFunctionality of the Upcycled Object
  • Artistry

Awards: Three winners from each category will be selected for:

  • People's Choice
  • Most Practical
  • Most Artistic

Prizes: Each winner will receive a gift card

What We're Reading

My Lady's Choosing: An Interactive Romance
Kitty Curran and Larissa Zageris

This book is a fun romp through Regency romance in the format of the Choose Your Own Adventure books readers might remember from their childhood. You, the reader, are a penniless woman with no current romantic prospects. Starting on page one, you will meet your best friend and three eligible bachelors who are reminiscent of swoonworthy literary characters Mr. Darcy, Jamie Fraser and Mr. Rochester.