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  • Deserted Island Books

    Deserted Island Books

    Take a look at the books that members of the Teen Library Council in grades 7-12 would choose to take with them on a deserted island.

  • Choice Picks

    Choice Picks

    A Choice Pick is selected by at least three members of the Teen Library Council. These titles are highly recommended, and are located just up the stair case before the Young Adult Department. Look for the pink stickers for a good book!

    You can also find a list of the newest Choice Pick titles on the library's Goodreads page.

  • Yule Ball

    Yule Ball

    This is the second year the Teen Library Council sponsored a Yule Ball for local teens in grades 6-12.

    Click to listen to a short radio interview about the event.

  • Pop Fest!

    Pop Fest!

    In order to celebrate Indiana's Bicentennial the TLC sponsored Pop Fest which celebrated three Indiana favorites: Popcorn, Soda Pop, and Pop Music.

    There were six different flavors of popcorn: Butter, Cheesy Garlic, Cinnamon Sugar, Italian Herb, Mexican Chocolate, and Plain.

    Favorite Flavor: Italian Herb
    Least Favorite Flavor: Mexican Chocolate

    Click to listen to a short radio interview about the event.

Teen Library Council

Carmel Clay Public Library's Teen Library Council (TLC) is an advisory board of students in grades 7-12 who meet monthly with the library's Young Adult Services staff to discuss books, movies, and music and to give input on library issues related to teens. New membership applications are available online and at the Young Adult desk each year between May 1st and May 31st.

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