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The Forgotten Garden
The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton (Historical Fiction)
Cleverly written as a historical mystery and the finding of ones origins that takes you from Australia to England. Hard to put down. -- Added by RWharton on 03/05/2017

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Overdirve by Carmen K. Glenn (Other Fiction)
I was surprised this book was well written and well thought out. I loved the way this book was sectioned by months. Evey episode of this book happened between September and December. So much took place in the life of Victoria Jackson in such a short period of time. It was amazing how the writer composed all the complexities within each character within each chapter. This book went fast through the life of an African-American Woman Corporate professional who was in line for the CEO position. We, the readers, traveled her life on how she got to that position, what it had costed her personal, professional, and financially, to stay in line in for the job, and once there can Victoria Jackson be truly happy? We, the readers, get a look into the minds of her husband, William, and her secretary and good friend, Max. A good read. Quote: She felt she had worked her way up the ladder of success and out of the Black world she is so comfortable in. Max feels extremely uncomfortable in the "European World", as she calls it. When I asked her why she continues to sacrifice her comfort level to work in Corporate America, she said she does not have to sleep with one eye open anymore. -- Added by LTJOR14 on 03/05/2017

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The Rainbow Comes and Goes
The Rainbow Comes and Goes by Anderson Cooper (Other Nonfiction)
I am a HUGE fan of Anderson Cooper. This is a beautiful story about his mother's life and their relationship. -- Added by tysmom on 03/05/2017

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When All the Girls Have Gone
When All the Girls Have Gone by Jayne Ann Krentz (Other Fiction)
Very suspenseful -- Added by raderc on 03/05/2017

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In the Morning I'll be Gone by Adrian McKinty (Mystery/Suspense)
Third in the series. The must listen to climax of the trilogy. Gerard Doyle's Irish brogue adds another dimension to this thrilling final installment. -- Added by Bubbles on 03/05/2017

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Turbulence by Whitney G (Romance)
After her first book I had expected more but this was okay overall. -- Added by Kissifer on 03/05/2017

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The Games We Play by Ryuugi (Science Fiction/Fantasy)
Jaune (RWBY) finds that his life is a video game and promptly gets in over his head. -- Added by Morcleon on 03/05/2017

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The Deathworlders by Hambone3110 (Science Fiction/Fantasy)
Humanity finds that it is not alone in the universe, but also more powerful than any out there. -- Added by Morcleon on 03/05/2017

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The Xiu Chang Saga by hume_reddit (Science Fiction/Fantasy)
A chinese girl is abducted by aliens, but then realizes that she is more powerful than any of them. -- Added by Morcleon on 03/05/2017

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Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality by Eliezer Yudkowsky (Other Fiction)
Harry Potter, but with Petunia marrying a scientist rather than Vernon. Harry is raised with science! -- Added by Morcleon on 03/05/2017

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