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In Flight by gabriel blessing (Other Fiction)
Emiya Shirou returns to Japan after being kicked out of the Clock Tower. There he encounters MBI and is dragged into the Sekerei Plan. -- Added by Morcleon on 03/05/2017

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Hill of Swords by gabriel blessing (Science Fiction/Fantasy)
A very solid Fate/stay night and Familiar of Zero crossover. Emiya Shirou gets summoned as Louise's familiar, and adventure happens. -- Added by Morcleon on 03/05/2017

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Hopeless by Colleen Hoover (Romance)
As always a good CoHo book = -- Added by Kissifer on 03/05/2017

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Haters by Bailey Poland (Other Nonfiction)
This book is a very eye opening account of how people are harassed online, particularly women and how pervasive sexism is in ways that aren't obvious. -- Added by Sunnygirl317 on 03/05/2017

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The Art of Deception
The Art of Deception by Nora Roberts (Romance)
A fun read with a bit of intrigue swirled through. -- Added by HoosierRoots on 03/05/2017

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Split Second
Split Second by Douglas E. Richards (Science Fiction/Fantasy)
An interesting twist to the time travel novel. Included lengthy explanations of the physics concepts which some much find tedious, but I enjoyed. I enjoyed the twists and turns of the plot, but do wish the dialog and scene setting was better written. -- Added by HoosierRoots on 03/05/2017

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The Obsession
The Obsession by Nora Roberts (Romance)
A typical, and enjoyable, Nora Roberts suspense tale. Fast paced, sprinkled with humor. Nora paints so well with words I could see the house as it was remodeled and the gardens spring to life. A fun read. -- Added by HoosierRoots on 03/05/2017

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Fatal Pursuit
Fatal Pursuit by Martin Walker (Mystery/Suspense)
Chief of Police Bruno Courreges of St. Denis, France, is put in the awkward position of having to be a substitute navigator in a car rally race which has been added to the town's annual festival. An old researcher is found dead, and the investigation uncovers the search for a long lost Buygatti sports car by several people in the area for the race. In this 9th installment in the series, all the usual townsfolk are back, and Bruno finds a new love interest, while still having to interact with the other women he has loved. There's lots of good food, wine and Bruno's faithful dog Balzac and horse Hector to fill out the story. Another good French adventure. -- Added by ERobinson on 03/05/2017

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Grotto of the Dancing Deer
Grotto of the Dancing Deer by Clifford D. Simak (Science Fiction/Fantasy)
Ten short stories. My favorite was the opening short story in which a pair of children are sent back in time to an ancestor for protection. While a copy of the stories felt long, I enjoyed reading works from a new-to-me science fiction author. I read this book from Hoopla which was not a service I had tired before. -- Added by HoosierRoots on 03/05/2017

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Secrets & Sunsets by Nora Roberts (Romance)
Contains a pair of Nora Roberts' older works. A relaxing, fun read sprinkled with Nora's trademark humor. -- Added by HoosierRoots on 03/05/2017

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