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A Man Called Ove
A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman (7 Winter Readers liked this book)
"A curmudgeon gets a new lease on life." -- Nancy, 02/05/2017

"Good book but very sad. Have a lot of Kleenex handy." -- Jean P, 02/27/2017

"I read this for book club for our February pick and we all loved it! It's an heartwarming and comical tale with unexpected characters and ending. It's an very enjoyable and easy read. " -- Ms Cyndi, 03/01/2017

"Such a lovely, well-told story." -- Curllyq, 02/28/2017

"This book Written by a Swedish author, this book had a few things that were different, like currency and the layout of the main characters neighborhood - no cars could drive up to their houses? But there's a reason it was a New York Times bestselling book. This book was truly amazing. Sad at parts, but quite a beautifully written story of an old man named Ove. To everyone Ove is a cranky old man, who operates in a strict routine, staunch principles and a short fuse. This book is about the people in Ove's neighborhood, from the old neighbors that moved into the development with him before it was a development, to the new couple with two little girls who backed their trailer into his mailbox when they moved into a house near Ove's, to the stray cat that seemed to be anything but afraid of Ove's exasperated yelling at it to scurry away his shed. But this book is more than that, it's about relationships, it's about friendships, it's about why we get up in the morning. I could probably write for three hundred more words, but I'll leave it at this - this book moved me in a way that I haven't been moved by a book in a long time." -- EBurkhead, 01/11/2017

"A cute and funny read about a grumpy old man who is learning how to live after the passing of his beloved wife." -- Jammin' Reader, 02/28/2017

"Love love loved this book!" -- tokiwells, 02/28/2017

Commonwealth by Ann Patchett (5 Winter Readers liked this book)
"" Commonwealth" tells the story of two families that become bonded/ detached from one another when the father of one falls in love with the mother of the other. From the 60s to the present, the 6 children move in and out of each other's lives. I really enjoyed this book and felt the relevance of it in today's world of so many blended families. At times though, I almost needed a cheat sheet to remind me of which children belonged to which sets of parents." -- Barken, 01/09/2017

"This was a great book about the impact of the past on the future. " -- love to read, 02/06/2017

"I liked it, but sometimes had to pay close attention because of the time and locale changes." -- Leslie, 01/20/2017

"This was an interesting story and an entertaining book." -- Cindy, 01/28/2017

"Great book!" -- tokiwells, 02/03/2017

Turbo Twenty-Three
Turbo Twenty-Three by Janet Evanovich (5 Winter Readers liked this book)
"Fun easy read." --, 01/16/2017

"I still read all the Stephanie Plum books. They were GREAT for the first 8-10 and then they got very very very repetitive but I keep reading them hoping they will be great again. This one was much better than a lot of the last ones, but still has a ways to go to be great again. Most likely I will keep reading! One day she will have to pick between Joe and Ranger ~ or not!" -- lklugar, 01/22/2017

"Enjoyed this one! Better than the last few Stephanie Plum novels!" -- kiandersen, 01/10/2017

"Fans of Stephanie Plum will enjoy the latest adventure. Grandma and Lula are extremely funny. Ranger is a shadow and totally sexy. Loved this read. " -- Realvamps, 01/11/2017

"Another great title in the Stephanie Plum series!" -- Deedah68, 01/11/2017

Me Before You
Me Before You by Jojo Moyes (4 Winter Readers liked this book)
"Louisa Clark is an ordinary girl living an exceedingly ordinary lifesteady boyfriend, close familywho has barely been farther afield than their tiny village. She takes a badly needed job working for exMaster of the Universe Will Traynor, who is wheelchair bound after an accident. Will has always lived a huge lifebig deals, extreme sports, worldwide traveland now hes pretty sure he cannot live the way he is. Will is acerbic, moody, bossybut Lou refuses to treat him with kid gloves, and soon his happiness means more to her than she expected. When she learns that Will has shocking plans of his own, she sets out to show him that life is still worth living." -- Jenwriter, 01/13/2017

"I loved the movie so had to read the book. I loved the book too! I couldn't put it down even though I knew everything that happened. " -- Bmccl1, 01/12/2017

"Louisa Clark finds herself falling in love with her employer, a handsome man who is a quadriplegic. Will Trainer wants to end his life and Louisa tries to find a way to make him want to live." -- KathyB, 01/25/2017

"A witty read with a heartbreaking twist. Loved it" -- amyko15, 02/18/2017

Misery Bay
Misery Bay by Steve Hamilton (4 Winter Readers liked this book)
"Read this for the CCPL Mystery Book Club. This is my first Steve Hamilton (Alex McKnight character) book but will not be my last. The character development was great and the suspense really pulls you into the story. I really enjoyed this book. " -- JoannChambers6814, 01/18/2017

"This is the eighth entry in the Alex McKnight mystery series. Alex McKnight is a retired Detroit police officer who has experienced personal violent loss and now lives in a cabin in Paris, Michigan with a bullet lodged near his heart. He is surprised one day to find police chief Maven and arch enemy at his door one day with a request for Alex. He would like for him to look into a suicide of a young college student who was found hanging from a tree in remote Misery Bay in the Upper Peninsula. His father, a friend of Maven's and a U.S. Marshall, is struggling with his son't death and would just like someone to look into why his son might have done this. Although Alex doesn't usually doing private investigation he is one of two with a license in the small town. Alex eventually agrees but shortly afterward the father is found murdered in Maven's home where he was staying. Things quickly speed up and the body count continues as this case turns into something much more. The book is fast paced with good characterization and a well-developed story with lots of twists." -- Duckyb, 01/25/2017

"I loved this book and the character. I look forward to more in the series." -- Lcarolb, 01/26/2017

"I would recommend this book! I read it for book club and had never read an Alex McKnight book before. I plan to read the rest of the series." -- stephrenee, 01/28/2017

Sworn to Silence
Sworn to Silence by Linda Castillo (4 Winter Readers liked this book)
"Really graphic and gory but a good book" -- JoannChambers6814, 02/19/2017

"Good twist. Left a little bit unfinished, but it's a series so I expect to see the thread picked up in the next book. I found this to be chilling." -- Lcarolb, 02/22/2017

"Complicated, haunted protagonist, shocking murders, psychological twists, and bizarre crime scenes, Sworn to Silence is a nail-biting read, says Chelsea Cain and I agree whole heartedly!! " -- Bubbles, 01/15/2017

"Chief Kate Burkholder is a capable law enforcement officer for the small town of Painters Mill, Ohio. But, when a serial killer starts stalking her town she reluctantly calls on outside agencies. The first agency is Holmes County Sheriff's Departmnent, Sheriff Nathan Detrick. The next agency is forced upon her by the town council Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation, BCI, along with field agent John Tomasetti. As the gruesome murders start to multiply the resemblance to the "Slaughterhouse Killer" who killed and slaughtered young girls sixteen years prior is emerging . Has the "Slaugherhouse Killer" returned? These and other questions are what Chief Kate Burkholder and her small staff of Glock, Pickles, Skid, T.j., Mona, and Lori will answer. The writing sytle was easy and enjoyable to read. It is a page turner that will keep you captivated until the very end. The killer will surprise you. I know for a fact I was shocked. Quote: Snow glitters beneath a brillant January sky. Around me, the citizens of Painters Mill emerge from their homes and business like cautious animals after a long hibernation. "Kate, did he....." " -- LTJOR14, 02/22/2017

Talking as Fast as I Can
Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham (4 Winter Readers liked this book)
"So awesome, and funny, especially as the audio book is the author herself." -- Sugarsnoodle, 02/20/2017

"Any fan of Gilmore Girls will love this biography of LAuren's experience filming Gilmore Girls, the reboot, Parenthood, and other experiences in acting." -- cmranieri, 01/19/2017

"I enjoyed hearing about the Gilmore Girls behind the scenes stuff, but the book was hard for me to read. She rambles, which makes sense because that's how she tends to talk in interviews, but it was hard for me to follow." -- EBurkhead, 02/20/2017

"A quick, witty of Gilmore Girls will love Graham's insights upon rewatching the series and her diary entries from filming the revival." -- amyko15, 01/29/2017

The Guest Room
The Guest Room by Chris Bohjalian (4 Winter Readers liked this book)
"A man hosts his brother's bachelor party, when things spiral out of control for everyone involved..." -- atucker, 02/23/2017

"This is not the first book by Chris Bohjalian that I have read. He does a great job with character study during his books. He takes an incident and then lets you look deep into each character to see what they think and what they feel. This was another good book by him. This would make a good book club book, because there is a lot that can be discussed." -- lklugar, 01/18/2017

"Riveting book that takes you into the dark world of sex trafficking. Hard to put down...but it's a fairly good size book, 444 pages, so unless you are the type that can pull an all-nighter, prepare to read this in 3-4 settings as I did." -- Ms Cyndi, 01/15/2017

"Based on the jacket blurb I wasn't sure I wanted to read this book. But since I have really liked several of Bohjalian's previous books, I gave it a try. I am glad I did because it's well-written and I couldn't put it down." -- aisencf, 01/20/2017

When Breath Becomes Air
When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi (4 Winter Readers liked this book)
"Great read" -- dashman63, 02/14/2017

"I loved this book. It gave me a new look on the relationships between doctors and patients, and the heartfelt sorrow and troubles that they have to endure. Although I am not a med major, this gave me more respect for everything doctors go through and how sometimes life is unfair to some people." -- blue15, 01/22/2017

"Memoir written by a guy diagnosised with cancer during his final year of residency in a nuerosurgurical program" --, 01/31/2017

"This book is very serious read. If some youlove died of cancer it may be hard to read. " -- kmellen, 02/28/2017

A Spool of Blue Thread
A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler (3 Winter Readers liked this book)
"There are some interesting and identifiable characters in this book " -- Teacher, 01/10/2017

"Relaxing read. " -- dogger5, 02/28/2017

" Heart-warming account of the evolution of three generations of one family. Characters are strong, honest and compelling. I found it rewarding to see how the characters developed for the better over time. " -- Caffeine girl, 01/11/2017

Born a Crime
Born a Crime by Trevor Noah (3 Winter Readers liked this book)
"In this memoir, comedian Trevor Noah intertwines stories from his childhood with the inhumane and oppressive nature of apartheid. The book is funny, touching, and educational. And Noah's "outsider" perspective is always refreshing. Highly recommended!" -- Jhusain, 02/09/2017

"Trevor Noah shares stories of his life growing up in South Africa during apartheid and the aftermath of it. His stories are enlightening and touching, funny and sad." -- ldick, 02/01/2017

"Trevor Noah provides a riveting autobiography into his childhood in aparteid and post-aparteid South Africa. It is every bit as intelligently funny as the commedian himself. " -- jsean, 03/04/2017

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child  Parts One and
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child  Parts One and by J.K. Rowling (3 Winter Readers liked this book)
"Always enjoy anything Harry Potter, took a bit of getting used to it being in script format. Helps in my mind extend the series and what happens to the next generation of wizards related to original main characters. A very quick read in one sitting. " -- SuzyZee, 01/10/2017

"I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan! I read this book which is actually a play. It was an easy read with plenty of twists and turns. I liked it." -- Sharondodom, 01/21/2017

"While this is not fully written by J.K. Rowling, it definitely has the feel of Harry Potter. This also isn't a novel so readers be prepared. It is written as a play script, but still enjoyable. The basical storyline tells of Harry Potter and Co. years later livings their lives, but all isn't easy for them and their children such is the plight of all people. One such issue they all encounter is the possible rise of an old and new villain. Who could it be? Take a read..." -- jsean, 03/04/2017

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman (3 Winter Readers liked this book)
"Best audiobook I have heard in a long time! I recommend this to anyone who liked the TV series "Firefly"." -- JZivoin, 01/10/2017

"I was up too late every night for days since I could not put this down. Great book." -- RZivoin, 01/10/2017

"This is an amazing, revolutionary book, with the perfect blend of action, space, horror, and romance. Illuminae is told from the point of view of digital texts, audio recordings, video recordings, and recorded diary/journal messages. The entire story has an absolutely riveting plotline, with epic plot turns. I recommend this to any sci-fi fan out there, but the way the book has been written makes you either dislike it or like it immediately." -- VidhurB, 01/12/2017

Johnstown Flood
Johnstown Flood by David McCullough (3 Winter Readers liked this book)
"The description of the causes for for dam breaking, the incredible wall of water and debris filling the Pennsylvania valley, the frantic attempts to reach safety and the rescue and clean-up efforts are unparalleled in books about disasters. McCullough is a master of make detail fascinating. What a dreadful tragedy of human error, natural forces, and helplessness. Yet, heroes are always present and America recovers. Read this book!" -- Ellie, 01/19/2017

"A masterful writer, David McCullough places you right in the midst of the flood itself, as well as completing the picture with the events leading up to it and the rescue and restoration after the flood. His descriptions are fantastic and it is clear his research was thorough and an act of love for accuracy and completeness. Now I want to visit Johnstown!" -- Ellie, 02/28/2017

"Detailed information about this flood." -- scbowers131, 01/29/2017

Love Warrior
Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton (3 Winter Readers liked this book)
"This is a memoir about a lady who struggled with alcoholism & bulimia, and she is at a crossroads with her marriage. I loved this book. Mrs. Melton is an eloquent writer and has many poignant insights into life. " -- amd, 02/03/2017

"I thought the book was Ok" -- kmellen, 02/28/2017

"For all the hype that this book got, I wasn't blown away by it. She touches on some interesting themes, but in my opinion these are "revelations" that have been made known by others in the past that she tries to credit to her own divine intervention. She touches on religion and God but seems to water down both to appeal to a broader audience. At times, I had a hard time she was even reporting the truth rather than just trying to add shock value for the reader. A good read for sure, but didn't live up to all the hype in my personal opinion." -- boilerbir, 01/26/2017