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Bruno, Chief of Police
Bruno, Chief of Police by Martin Walker (5 Winter Readers liked this book)
"This is the first in Walker's series featuring Bruno Courregges, police chief of tiny St. Denis, a fictional town in the wine country of France. There is rarely any serious crime in the city, and Bruno prides himself on how his local knowledge and friendship with the people of the town helps him keep order. In this story, an elderly Arab has been brutally murdered, and it is hard to see why anyone would want to kill a solitary old man who had been a war hero and keeps strictly to himself and his family. We meet key citizens in the town and learn a lot about French culture, politics and history. If you like food, wine, and/or dogs, you will also enjoy reading about how these aspects of French life in the Dordogne." -- ElizabethR, 01/23/2018

"Starts somewhat slowly, but paints a pleasant and atmospheric picture of rural France, and concludes with an interesting twist. " -- Craftcj, 01/27/2018

"First book in a delightful series!" -- Janet, 01/16/2018

"Highly recommend. I read this based on other readers' comments and will definitely continue the series. " --, 02/25/2018

"It is the first in a series set in a fictional small town called St. Denis in France.  Bruno is a well-liked police chief who enjoys a close relationship with the town and the town's mayor.  He is a likable ordinary guy who enjoys where he lives, loves to cook, garden, play tennis and rugby, and is happy with his life.  The book gives a strong sense of place with Martin's descriptive writing style that isn't over-done.  There is a lot of humor in the book as the town runs a market with products they have been making in their families for hundreds of years.  Now the European Union want to put rules in place that they don't want to do.  The town has made an elaborate system to evade the regulators who come to town.  The manner of the murder was rather gruesome, but that was just a small part that it did not detract from the story for me.   I will definitely be putting this series on my list to continue." -- Duckyb, 01/27/2018

The Women in the Castle
The Women in the Castle by Jessica Shattuck (5 Winter Readers liked this book)
"Interesting slant on the horrors of WWII through the eyes of 3 women and their children who experienced it." -- Suejefferies, 02/15/2018

"End of WW2 about a castle in Bavaria and how 3 widows lives are intertwined." -- Bernadette , 02/27/2018

"Very interesting, good look at really seeing what history was like" -- bachard, 01/30/2018

"In the post-WWII era, 3 German women are pulled together by the loss of their husbands and the need to survive the end of the war. These 3 characters deal with their relationship with each other and their situations in different way. Interesting to read about the war from this perspective. I recommend this book." -- ChrisPurls, 03/04/2018

"This was a very good book about WWII and a story about the women who's husbands tried to kill Hitler. Fascinating story. I would recommend this to book clubs ~ so much to talk about." -- lklugar, 01/20/2018

All the Light We Cannot See
All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr (4 Winter Readers liked this book)
"I really liked the style of this writing. It's written from a few different story lines and therefore shows many sides of World War II and those who lived through it. I loved the way they transpired to make a comprehensive ending as well." -- Mduncan, 01/15/2018

"Very well written WWII story of a blind girl in Belgium.Description of Museum of interest" -- SusanP, 02/07/2018

"Set in occupied France during WWII, this story follows several different characters and their stories. There is a young blind girl and her father, a German boy and his sister, and an old German jewelry expert...this is one of the best books I've ever read. Mr. Doerr writing is like poetry--so beautiful and flowing. 2 thumbs up." -- angiemhildebrand, 01/29/2018

"I personally had trouble getting into the story but once I did I couldn't put it down." -- sheensheen, 02/24/2018

Before We Were Yours
Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate (4 Winter Readers liked this book)
"This is a fictional tale of two families, one in the present, one in the past (1939), tied together by events based in reality. Georgia Tann, director of a Memphis-based adoption organization, kidnapped and sold poor children to wealthy families all over the country. It is hard to accept and somewhat hard to read that this happened to hundreds of poor families in the United States, but sadly it did. Tann died of cancer without ever being brought to justice since she had many authorities and government agencies in league with her. Well-written, readers will really connect with the fictional characters Wingate has created to illustrate the heart-breaking truth." -- ElizabethR, 01/28/2018

"Based on a true story about stolen children placed in a Tennessee Children's home for adoption. " -- dleyndyke, 02/07/2018

"Sad historical accounting of childhood illegal adoption and corrupt adults. Well told story of what family means and especially sisters." -- NancyB, 01/31/2018

"Sad but engaging, this book about children who spent time in an orphanage engaged my interest because my own grandmother spent time in an orphanage at one time and had such a negative reaction years later when passing the building. Despite hardships, the story's outcome was a modest victory." -- read-when-i-can, 02/03/2018

Little Fires Everywhere
Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng (4 Winter Readers liked this book)
"I liked it. It was a good yarn, but I did not love it. Too much angst between Mother and daughters. My book club loved it though and it provided much good conversation. " -- Patti, 01/21/2018

"Very good book" -- firebug, 01/18/2018

"Interesting story where the author tried to make the reader sympathetic to almost every character, even with their flaws. A good reminder to not be judgmental." -- CarmelCougar, 02/07/2018

"The racial divide and differences were well captured in this book." -- sheensheen, 02/24/2018

Artemis by Andy Weir (3 Winter Readers liked this book)
"Excellent Sci-Fi suspense with a female lead (rare!). From the author of The Martian." -- CALDTINS, 01/18/2018

"This book immediately sucked me in, immersing me in the community on the moon." -- tatumme, 01/17/2018

"The Moon isn't Mars, and this book is not the Martian" -- willwep, 02/23/2018

Behold the Dreamers
Behold the Dreamers by Imbolo Mbue (3 Winter Readers liked this book)
"From Cameroon, South Africa to Harlem and Wall Street, this is a story of an immigrant family's journey to America and their hopes to make it here. An eye-opening look at the real hardships; finding a job, a place to live, learning English and acquiring an education that this path entails. Reading this made me grateful for what I have and take for granted that so many other people would give anything for a chance at obtaining. " --, 01/27/2018

"A family of undocumented Cameroonian immigrants attempts to gain legal status and find success in the United States at the time of the Great Recession, it's a story of hope and heartbreak that exposes the frustrations of the American immigration system and the negatives in the pursuit of the "American Dream."" -- Zivah, 02/22/2018

" Interesting read about immigrants in our country and how hard they may work " -- Djmiller, 03/12/2018

Big Little Lies
Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty (3 Winter Readers liked this book)
"I really enjoyed the mystery of this book. I found the characters irritating at time, but also interesting enough to feel connected to them. You find out in the first chapter of the book that there is a murder. But you don't find out until maybe 30 pages to go who did it and who was murdered. I don't want to give away my feelings on the murder victim or murderer since it'll give it away. I was only slightly surprised, because I felt like there was more than met the eye on some of the characters. Overall a quick enjoyable read. I look forward to reading more from this author." -- nicole_aasen, 02/10/2018

"Very suspenseful book and a good read." -- danceroxmysox20, 02/14/2018

"Takes place in Australia. School moms drama." -- smugipaw, 01/21/2018

Circling the Sun
Circling the Sun by Paula McLain (3 Winter Readers liked this book)
"I had read this before, but was having trouble finding books from different countries, and remembered it had been a very good book. It chronicles the life of one of the 1st female horse trainers and commercial pilots as she grows up in Kenya and struggles for the freedom to live her life according to her own needs and desires." -- Suejefferies, 02/26/2018

"Beryl Markham was only three years old when her family emigrated from England to Kenya. Her father had dreams of owning a stable of racing horses. Her mother returned to England after a year, leaving Beryl behind. Growing up amongst the children of the Kipsigis tribe, created a love of the wilds of Kenya and a fierce independent spirit in Beryl. She grew into a strong young woman who lived a very unconventional life. She lived life to the fullest and paid the price for it. I enjoyed this book very much and highly recommend it." -- Sanibel, 02/03/2018

"A historical fiction book with a lot of non-fiction! The life of an incredible women, Beryl Markham was everything too much for her time; liberal, strong, brave, hard working, first women in Africa to become a racehorse trainer and an aviator plus the first person to fly solo, non-stop across the Atlantic from east to west. She had to endure a lot of from English society both in England and in Kenya where she live most of her life " -- adriana.guima, 02/25/2018

Origin by Dan Brown (3 Winter Readers liked this book)
"I enjoy Dan Brown's books and his style of writing. He keeps the story moving at a quick pace. I especially enjoyed this one since it was set in Spain, mostly in Barcelona, where we have visited. All of the monuments, art and architecture mentioned in the book are real, and described in such a way that you want to go see it all. " -- , 01/21/2018

"If you read and liked Dan Brown's other novels featuring Robert Langdon, you can't help but like this one. The plot barrels forward at breakneck speed and takes us into the colliding worlds of art, religion and science. As usual, Brown creates characters we love, and those we love to hate." --, 01/18/2018

"Typical Dan Brown book - feels educational, moves along quickly." --, 02/18/2018

Pachinko by Min Jin Lee (3 Winter Readers liked this book)
"Recounts the story of a Korean family over 4 generations. Starting in Korea and then moving to Japan during the Japanese occupation of Korea, the story explores what it means to be a minority and outsider, but also the private hopes of the novel's characters. Many tangential characters are also described, giving a fuller picture of the many avenues one's life might take. " -- dfs, 02/22/2018

"An immigration story from another country. Timely and unique perspective of Koreans immigrating into Japan and the prejudices, legalities and hurdles they face through four generations and how that experience set the course for their lives. Heart-wrenching and dreary. I'm glad I read this but very heavy, tragic and depressing." --, 01/27/2018

"Family saga about a Korean immigrant family in Japan spanning 1900-1990s. Interesting and very timely." -- Bernadette , 02/01/2018

The Alice Network
The Alice Network by Kate Quinn (3 Winter Readers liked this book)
"Excellent historical fiction, although the Alice Network is real, the characters are representations. I was completely taken in by the story and characters. Greatly enjoyed it!" -- CALDTINS, 01/19/2018

"Interesting story about a WWI British women's spy network told from events in 1915 and also in 1947, tied together by connections among the main characters. The 1915 story was more interesting and well-written than the 1947 story, but overall, it was a very good book written from extensive research." -- Debeb, 02/25/2018

"If you loved The Nightingale, you will love this story as well. " --, 02/27/2018

The Bone Collector
The Bone Collector by Jeffery Deaver (3 Winter Readers liked this book)
"A quadriplegic criminalist hunts the most elusive quarry of his career: a serial killer who leaves clues at each crime scene allowing the cops to head off the next murder--if they can decode them in time. With nothing left to live for since an accident ended his forensic career and his marriage, bearish Lincoln Rhyme has made an appointment with Dr. William Berger, of the suicide-friendly Lethe Society. But Rhyme's old NYPD colleague, Det. Lon Sellitto, just happens to breeze in, uninvited and unwelcome, minutes before Berger does, and talks Rhyme out of suicide and into spearheading the hunt for Unsub 823, the demonic cabbie whose fares often face nightmarish scenarios of torture and death. Though he shows no mercy to his victims, Unsub 823 obligingly salts each crime scene with cryptic clues to his next, clues that whet Rhyme's jaundiced appetite and give him the hope of saving currency trader T.J. Colfax, German emigre Monelle Gerger, elderly William Everett, and widowed Carole Ganz and her daughter. It's not long before Rhyme's blood is pumping again, and he's persuaded beautiful Amelia Sachs, the Major Crimes officer who preserved the first crime scene long enough to gather a few precious scraps of evidence, to put off her medical transfer to Public Affairs and become his eyes, ears, and nose at each gory scene. Working feverishly against a series of impossible deadlines, Sachs and Rhyme piece together a profile of the perp's appearance, his lodgings, his car, his habits, and the wherewithal that drives him: He believes he's the Bone Collector, a demented ghoul who preyed on New York's dead and near-dead at the turn of the century, determined to free his victims from this mortal coil by stripping them to ageless bone. Now Lincoln Rhyme does have his faults - he's too good. By that I mean he's the product of Deaver's imagination. I would give it 3.5 out of 5 stars." -- billrye, 02/27/2018

"From Goodreads: Lincoln Rhyme was once a brilliant criminologist, a genius in the field of forensics -- until an accident left him physically and emotionally shattered. But now a diabolical killer is challenging Rhyme to a terrifying and ingenious duel of wits. With police detective Amelia Sachs by his side, Rhyme must follow a labyrinth of clues that reaches back to a dark chapter in New York City's past -- and reach further into the darkness of the mind of a madman who won't stop until he has stripped life down to the bone. This is the first in this series; #14 will be released in April. Very suspenseful!!" -- ElizabethR, 02/27/2018

"A lot of pages, but gripping enough to be a quick read." -- JoeWilli45, 02/25/2018

The City of Brass
The City of Brass by S. A. Chakraborty (3 Winter Readers liked this book)
"A richly imagined fantasy world; I enjoyed learning about the Middle Eastern-themed setting as I read." -- Craftcj, 02/13/2018

"Loved this book, a great take on the jinn folklore, full of magic and mystery and factional politics. " -- Ashocktart, 01/18/2018

"Another book I read straight through and am so glad I did as the ending was completely unexpected! There are a lot of characters so was sometimes tough to remember them all but all their lives DO meet and intertwine. Without a doubt, there will be a another in the series. " -- Sunbeam4Him, 01/23/2018

The Nightingale
The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah (3 Winter Readers liked this book)
"The book was excellent - very fast paced and historically intriguing." -- tatumme, 01/31/2018

"World War 2 story, focusing on 2 female characters. Very fast read & suspensful!" -- Manhattanbeacher, 01/31/2018

"Thanks to the librarian who directed me to this title. I wasn't thrilled about the six books set in six countries theme of the reading program, but it led me to a great read. Enjoyed it." -- read-when-i-can, 02/26/2018