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Small Great Things
Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult (3 Winter Readers liked this book)
"A powerful book about "hidden" racism." -- Nancy, 01/24/2017

"Great story of racism as told through the eyes of a black nurse accused of murder." -- ropass23, 01/28/2017

"Loved it! It's about a black nurse who works in a hospital in the labor and delivery department. She is given a newborn to care for whose parents happen to be white supremacists, they insist that the nurse not care for their son. The story takes a tragic turn, changing all their lives. Their perceptions of human kind, where they came from and who they are is challenged. It's takes place in modern times and makes the reader take a closer look at where our race relations are today. While we have come a long way, we still have a long way to go. One of my favorite books that I read in the last 12 months. " -- mes925, 02/15/2017

The Kept Woman
The Kept Woman by Karin Slaughter (3 Winter Readers liked this book)
"Although this is number 8 in a series, it reads fine as a standalone novel. There were almost no likeable characters but Slaughter does a good job of writing a very suspenseful mystery. I'd recommend this and her other works. " -- EBeliles, 02/08/2017

"Mystery/Suspense book, which was definitely a page turner. A violent crime scene, which draws together a famous athlete, his agent, the investigators, old and new relationships in a web." -- atucker, 01/18/2017

"I have enjoyed Miss Slaughter's series about Sara Linton and Will Trent in the past. This book was a bit disappointing. It was a bit of a soap opera." -- michaeldel, 01/10/2017

The Little Paris Bookshop
The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George (3 Winter Readers liked this book)
"I really enjoyed this book. I wanted more of the story to be about books and in Paris. The characters and story were enjoyable and endearing. This was a great story about dealing with your past lives and regrets." -- nichelli21, 02/28/2017

"A heartwarming story about a book lover who prescribes books as medicine for those with ailments of the heart. He goes on a journey to heal his own heart from the wounds of his past. Along the way he meets a group of similarly-minded people who are on their own emotional journey of healing. While not my favorite book, the themes of love and healing and the power of books to provide both were sweet." -- rwoolston, 01/25/2017

"This presented as a bit depressing look at a twenty years obsession over a mistress. The main character is a bit unbelievable in his chosen career of bookselling and using it as a prescriptive device. He his self prescription comes when he finds out the real reason his love left him. The book takes you through a picturesque tour of the French countryside. The ending pulls together the story nicely. I enjoyed the book and would recommend it." -- 1234mom, 02/22/2017

The Magnolia Story (with Bonus Content)
The Magnolia Story (with Bonus Content) by Chip Gaines (3 Winter Readers liked this book)
"Wonderful telling of how "Fixer-Upper" came to tv intertwined with the life stories of both Chip and Joanna. They tell their story in a conversational banter, much like they do on tv. Reminds us how everything happens for a reason and that all things work towards good." -- mhpbriton, 01/09/2017

"This was a really enjoyable view into the life of the hosts of Fixer Upper! I highly recommend it." -- rb91048, 01/09/2017

"Lovely "little" book that tells the life story of the couple that has gained stardom with their HGTV series "Fixer Upper"." -- stephaniephillips, 02/13/2017

The Residence
The Residence by Kate Andersen Brower (3 Winter Readers liked this book)
"very interesting stories told by members of the White House residence staff--Eisenhower through Obama years; some touching, some difficult, some revealing. well written and fascinating." -- ropir1, 02/28/2017

"Very enjoyable about the inside of the private world of the White House and the people who run it and work there. " -- ropass23, 01/28/2017

"The timing of reading this one was interesting with the White House residents changing. A very quick and interesting read if you like a little gossip. More importantly however were the lessons to be learned by meeting the staff of the White House! The people who do this work are heroes of the human spirit. Loving, caring, forgiving, and grace. A must read if you want to learn intimate details about your favorite first family from the last 55 years." -- dgt4salsa, 01/31/2017

The Woman in Cabin 10
The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware (3 Winter Readers liked this book)
"Keeps you guessing until the end." -- mkinietz, 02/07/2017

"This mystery was somewhat along the lines of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train. I found the lead character hard to like and a number of plot points a bit hard to swallow. It did have a quirky ending which I thought was clever." -- ERobinson, 01/19/2017

"The book was a quick read, a real page turner. It's about a journalist who works for a travel magazine, she is one of only a few who are invited to attend the maiden voyage of a small, boutique style cruise ship. The main character, Lo, goes next door to a cabin to borrow something, a young woman answers the door. Later that night after drinking a bit too much, Lo is awoken from her sleep to the sound of a big slash. She goes outdoors on her veranda and sees blood on the glass next door where the young woman had been earlier in the evening. She reports it, but no one believes her. There wasn't anyone using that room, no personal effects were in there, no blood on the glass. Everyone becomes a suspect. Was Lo paranoid? Is she crazy? Was she imagining something that didn't happen? Find out by reading the book. I read that this book in being made into a movie." -- mes925, 03/01/2017

Twelve Days of Christmas
Twelve Days of Christmas by Debbie Macomber (3 Winter Readers liked this book)
"It started with a blog "killing her neighbor with kindness" and blossoms into romance." -- Nancy, 02/05/2017

"I loved this book. This is basically a book about kindness and how kindness affects other people. This world could use more kindness, I think it is a simple thing that has been lost for many, many years. If you need a easy and a nice book to read. This is a good one!" -- lklugar, 01/15/2017

"Another heart-warming romance! Debbie Macomber's books are always easy to read and have a good moral story. I always enjoy reading them." -- Deedah68, 02/12/2017

Two by Two
Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks (3 Winter Readers liked this book)
"Russ is thrown into fulltime single dad when his wife goes back to work full time after he leaves his job to start his own business. " -- KathyB, 01/16/2017

"A typical Nicholas Sparks book...bittersweet." -- Children#all, 01/18/2017

"Russ and Vivian and their daughter, London, try to find their way through life with work, parenting, success and family." -- mjchoagy, 01/28/2017

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do
13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do by Amy Morin (2 Winter Readers liked this book)
"A guide to mastering your mental strength" -- yenshuol, 01/20/2017

"A guide to mastering your mental strength" -- yenshuol, 01/20/2017

A Gentleman in Moscow
A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles (2 Winter Readers liked this book)
"Lots of Russian literary references. Intriguing story line." -- mkinietz, 01/28/2017

"The story grabbed me at the beginning of the novel, and did not let go until the last sentence. The characters were quirky, yet believable. The setting showed post-Tzar Russia from all points of views. The discussions of art, writers, and philosophy were handled deftly in words and in the actions of the characters. The ending was satisfying. I would recommend this to anyone. This is the type of novel I might want to add to my personal library. " -- cindyhanssen, 02/07/2017

A Mother's Reckoning
A Mother's Reckoning by Sue Klebold (2 Winter Readers liked this book)
"Disturbing, heart breaking and very much worth reading! Sue Klebold has alot to say about the joys and agonies of parenting a child who keeps his emotional turmoil secret. " -- hdjonesd, 01/09/2017

"Well written book about Sue Klebold, mother of Dylan Klebold--Columbine shooter--and her process of grieving for her son and his atrocious acts of Columbine. " -- Elneukam, 01/09/2017

Below the Belt
Below the Belt by Stuart Woods (2 Winter Readers liked this book)
"Stone is left in charge of a strong case which he believes holds damaging papers about the former President. Holly Barker and Lance Cabot are featured in this book along with mentions of Dino. Christian St. Clair is promoting a new party and a candidate to run again Kate Lee. He has all the money in the world to make this happen." -- raderc, 01/27/2017

"Great storyline and surprise ending. " -- 21690200273848, 02/01/2017

Born a Crime
Born a Crime by Trevor Noah (2 Winter Readers liked this book)
"This is one of the best books I have read recently. Trevor Noah, Comedian from the Daily Show, has written stories from South Africa which is where he grew up. His mother is black and his father is Swiss (white) and he is labeled as colored in South Africa. He tells some incredible stories of growing up." -- Jean P, 01/23/2017

"Excellent story. An interesting look in Apartheid South Africa and how one smart kid took opportunity to the fullest. Great that its read by the author too!" -- agfab68, 01/21/2017

Brave New World
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (2 Winter Readers liked this book)
"Strikingly prescient commentary on the future of mankind, written before the rise of Hitler and Stalin. in contrast to Orwell's 1984--where rebellion is ruthlessly crushed--this presents a view of the world where the motivation to rebel is subtly and scientifically eroded at every moment of one's life. " -- Tepid Coffee, 02/28/2017

"A novel that is as timely now as it has ever been. A society that gladly gives up its freedoms and humanity for the sake of being happy and safe. No wars, no religion, no aging, no illness, no science, and no soul in exchange for mind-numbing happiness and instant satisfaction. A dystopia that resembles our own world more and more." -- vcastillo90, 02/03/2017

Caught Bread Handed
Caught Bread Handed by Ellie Alexander (2 Winter Readers liked this book)
"I really enjoyed this installment on the Bakeshop Mystery series. It was a quick read and there were a few twists. I look forward to reading the next book. " -- bkemeny, 02/05/2017

"Newest book in the series. Sorry the photo of the book is not correct. Really enjoy the characters and stories in the bakeshop mysteries and will try a couple of the recipes from the novel. " -- kay, 03/01/2017

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