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The Kids are Smart Enough, So Whats the Problem?
The Kids are Smart Enough, So Whats the Problem? by Richard W. Garrett (Business)
A Businessman's Perspective on Educational Reform and the Teacher Crises. While the book lacks a good editor and is extremely repetitive (100 pages instead of 149 would have been sufficient to get the points across, but would not justify the high price of the book) Garrett has a valuable message. Learning and teaching in the nation's schools is being sabotaged by a small group of disruptive students in almost every class. Teachers are being prevented from teaching and willing students are unable to learn while behavioral problems are dealt with day after day, taking an inordinate amount of time away from the actual subject matter. This lack of successful education of a large portion of the next generation will handicap the economy and social fabric of our country going forth. Garrett points to a viable solution that does not merely punish misbehaving students, but works to reorient them while allowing eager peers and teachers to continue their education process uninterrupted. He provides several examples of schools that work and the values taught there which should be part of every academic process, but especially if those values are not taught in the home. -- Added by Konsulentin on 02/19/2018

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