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Adult Winter Reading Program: Mystery/Suspense Titles

Shadow Play
Shadow Play by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles (Mystery/Suspense)
This is #20 in the Bill Slider mystery series. Another great outing for the Shepherd's Bush detectives when a murdered man's body is discovered in a car repair shop in a seedy part of town with nothing on the immaculately dressed body to identify him. Fingerprints turn up nothing and no acquaintances or relative come forward (at first) so it is a challenge to find out where and why he was killed. The case intertwines with shady real estate dealings by several prominent citizens and blackmail that isn't quite blackmail. It is always a pleasure to read these stories with a team of detectives who are all likable, have mostly happy lives outside of work, and get along so well together. Puns and twisted metaphors from the Chief Superintendent, who always supports his team, add to the sprinklings of humor throughout. -- Added by ElizabethR on 01/19/2018

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Origin by Dan Brown (Mystery/Suspense)
If you read and liked Dan Brown's other novels featuring Robert Langdon, you can't help but like this one. The plot barrels forward at breakneck speed and takes us into the colliding worlds of art, religion and science. As usual, Brown creates characters we love, and those we love to hate. -- Added by on 01/18/2018

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This novel is set in Spain and introduces the reader to the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. A highly intelligent futurist has invited a select group to hear his latest and most earth=shattering prediction in a unique presentation which, as it turns out, the entire world can see and hear on line. Without giving it all away, suffice it to say that Langdon is once again pulled into a mystery which only he can solve. -- on 01/18/2018  
The Children Return
The Children Return by Martin Walker (Mystery/Suspense)
The Children Return is one of a series featuring Bruno, the chief of police in St. Denis, a village in the Dordohne region of France. He's a former army officer and small-town policeman, and a local boy who had been missing has been found, and needs to come home. The second plot line involves an older Israeli woman who would like to give St. Denis a gift, a thank you for the shelter it offered to her and her brother during World War Two. How these plots intersect leads to a fascinating, thrilling page-turner, as Bruno and a colleague work to shelter another "child," and prevent a tragedy. I would recommend it-- and I'm certainly going to try to read more of Bruno's cases. -- Added by EmilyS on 01/18/2018

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A Casualty of War
A Casualty of War by Charles Todd (Mystery/Suspense)
This is the ninth book of the Bess Crawford mystery series, and I have read them all. They are written by a mother and son team, but the writing is so perfectly done that it is seamless. Bess Crawford is a nurse, serving in the British Army during the First World War. Each novel finds Bess caring for patients in dangerous circumstances and going over and above duty to see that they get the care they need. Her dedication leads her into danger, and there is always a mystery. I could not put this one down! -- Added by Sanibel on 01/18/2018

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Death in Brittany
Death in Brittany by Jean-Luc Bannalec (Mystery/Suspense)
What happens when the family patriarch makes plans to give away something of immense value that all the heirs want? He's viciously killed, of course! But which one of them did it? Enjoyable first in a series. More, please. -- Added by Wyperson on 01/18/2018

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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (Mystery/Suspense)
Frankenstein is set in Switzerland. It shows the selfishness of man, creating yet not caring for what he has created. -- Added by Charityclarke on 01/17/2018

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A Corpse in the Koryo
A Corpse in the Koryo by James Church (Mystery/Suspense)
Inspector O, a police officer in Pyongyang, North Korea, becomes embroiled with an international smuggling operation, with fatal results for a number of his superiors and friends. A look at "normal life" in the world of crime outside of politics. -- Added by Indy7steve on 01/17/2018

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The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie (Mystery/Suspense)
Hercule Poirot's most intriguing mystery! -- Added by Janet on 01/16/2018

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Bruno, Chief of Police
Bruno, Chief of Police by Martin Walker (Mystery/Suspense)
First book in a delightful series! -- Added by Janet on 01/16/2018

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Act of Treason
Act of Treason by Vince Flynn (Mystery/Suspense)
Nobody writes political thrillers like Vince Flynn! Start with Transfer of Power. I think it's his best book and is frightening realistic. -- Added by Janet on 01/16/2018

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Importance of Being Urnest
Importance of Being Urnest by Sandra Balzo (Mystery/Suspense)
This is the tenth book in a series featuring Maggy Thorsen as the owner of a coffeehouse. She and her fellow characters exchange a lot of humorous dialog; it takes quite a few pages setting the scene for the crimes to take place, but I was glad I stuck it out. -- Added by indynana on 01/15/2018

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The Woman in Cabin 10
The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware (Mystery/Suspense)
This book was okay, yet slow towards the 2nd quarter of the story and too fast at the end. May leave you a little unsatisfied. -- Added by Mduncan on 01/15/2018

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A Banquet of Consequences
A Banquet of Consequences by Elizabeth George (Mystery/Suspense)
This is the 19th in the Inspector Lynley series by one of my favorite authors. The suicide in Dorset of a young landscape architect may be connected to a poisoning in Cambridge. Complex family relationships are at the heart of this story which Lynley's Sergeant, Barbara Havers is tasked with unraveling to redeem herself in the eyes of the department superintendant. These novels are always exquisitely plotted and written, and George reveals more and more of her continuing characters with each installment. 5 stars. -- Added by ElizabethR on 01/15/2018

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Maximum Bob
Maximum Bob by Elmore Leonard (Mystery/Suspense)
the author is an oldie but a goody. recommend anything by leonard -- Added by edger on 01/15/2018

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Bone Box
Bone Box by Faye Kellerman (Mystery/Suspense)
I did not care for the ending of this book. Felt rushed and left a lot of loose ends. -- Added by RobynDawn on 01/15/2018

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