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The Old Fox Deceiv'd by Marth Grimes (Mystery/Suspense)
A good cozy mystery in the style of Agatha Christie. The story kept my interest. It is the second in the Inspector Richard Jury series. I recommend this intriguing mystery. -- Added by thewritejim on 02/28/2017

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The Man with a Load of Mischief by Marth Grimes (Mystery/Suspense)
This is an Agatha Christie type of mystery. The plot kept moving with a new murder sprinkled in every once in a while. The list of suspects fluctuates with each new murder. This was a good book that kept my interest. -- Added by thewritejim on 02/25/2017

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Tales of the Peculiar
Tales of the Peculiar by Ransom Riggs (Science Fiction/Fantasy)
A very interesting and creative collection of short stories. I wanted to see how the stories would be "Peculiar". The stories are very imaginative putting a new twist on some old sayings such as "it costs an arm and a leg" or "no man is an island". Thoroughly enjoyed the downloadable audio book. -- Added by thewritejim on 02/20/2017

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Statue of Limitations
Statue of Limitations by Tamar Myers (Mystery/Suspense)
This is a cozy mystery in the Den of Antiquity series. The sleuth is an antique dealer. The setting is Charleston, SC. The story moved at a good pace. It was interesting to get a little inside look into the social strata of Charleston. -- Added by thewritejim on 02/18/2017

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Play It Again, Spam
Play It Again, Spam by Tamar Myers (Mystery/Suspense)
This is a cozy mystery in the Pennsylvania Dutch mystery series. I read the first few books in the series and jumped ahead to this book. Things were going well and getting interesting in the books I read earlier. This book shook up that world. All the things that were going great went terribly wrong. On one hand I thought "Aww, that's bad.", but on the other hand I thought that is good. I have read many mystery series where the sleuth starts to get too comfortable and things start getting easier. This was a good story although it strayed from her typical murder mystery stories. There was a mystery, but I kept waiting for the murder. If you like SPAM, there are a lot of SPAM recipes in the book. If you don't like SPAM, there are a lot of SPAM recipes in the book Breakfast Skillet and Potatoes Florentine to name a couple. -- Added by thewritejim on 02/12/2017

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No Use Dying Over Spilled Milk
No Use Dying Over Spilled Milk by Tamar Myers (Mystery/Suspense)
This was a good cozy mystery. The story is set in the Amish/Mennonite part of Ohio. The sleuth is a Mennonite woman with a sense of humor. There are multiple accidents (murders?) and an interesting cast of characters (and some are real characters). I would recommend this book as a good escape read. -- Added by thewritejim on 02/12/2017

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